Take One Step With Ajay Mishra
Towards Your Goal
Every Moment You Have Two Choices
You have To Choose One
Take A Step Every Moment Towards Your Goal
The Journey to SuccessWill Be Smooth

"I have A Dream"

During My Journey to life I met a great number of people and attempted to take a glimpse of their problem and also attempted to find a solution. But The first person with whom I did a lot of experiments was nobody else than me. It becomes very difficult to tell lies to oneself and avoid any feeling whether a moment of sadness, a moment of happiness or a moment of guilt.After a number of years of failure I found the best solution for all of my problems and perhaps of a human being who is suffering from any type of trauma, failure or lack of control on oneself. This method is called “Choosing one of two choices and taking a step” towards our goal every moment.
In fact every moment we are given two choices. One choice takes us towards our success and another towards failure. Now if our goal is strong, it becomes easy to choose a choice. But most of the times it becomes very hard to maintain continuety and perseverance towards the goal even if we wish desperately to run towards our goal. At this point one step formula come to the front and makes our journey smooth.
We can understand this with an example . Its very hard for a person to climb a mountain if he is not aware that journey starts with a single step and by taking only a single step every moment incessantly we can climb the highest mountains of the world. Yes no doubt we have to do some minor adaptations and adjustments to make our journey enjoyable. But after every step if we take one more step we definitely can achieve anything in life. Join me in this mission of success and make this journey beautiful.
                           Ajay Mishra…..