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Civil Services Interview Training By Ajay Mishra
Civil Services Interview Training
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Attend a One-To-One Online Training Session With Ajay Mishra sir and Get his Invaluable Tips & Training. If It Worked for Hamid,It shall work for You. Hamid was rejected in different mock interview but scored 206 marks, the highest marks that year, by Applying Scientific and Psychological Techniques taught by Ajay Mishra Sir.

Different Candidates Scoring Good Marks In Interview Under Ajay Mishra sir -: 1.Fakhruddin Hamid-206 Marks 2.Saurabh Kumar-200 Marks 3.Mamta Kansay-195 Marks 4.Indumathi-204 Marks 5.C.R.Prasanna-195 Marks 6.Venkatesh-190 Marks 7.Raushan Kumar-190 Marks and other candidates who were able to fulfill their dream of getting in civil services exam