क्या आपकी परिस्थितियां आपको IAS टॉपर बनने से रोक सकती हैं? नहीं, कभी नहीं

Can Your Circumstances Prevent You From Becoming IAS Topper? No-Never 

गोविन्द, रिक्सा वाले का बेटा होने के बावजूद भी IAS बना तो तुम क्यों नहीं ?

अगर निरीश राजपूत अखबार बेचकर पढ़ाई करके सेलेक्शन पा सकता है तो तुम क्यों नहीं ?

अगर प्रांजल पाटिल दोनों आँखों से अंधी होने के बावजूद पहले ही प्रयास में IAS बनी तो तुम क्यों नहीं ?

सुनील धनवंता ने 3 बार हिंदी मध्यम से सेलेक्शन लिया क्योंकि सफलता का एक रास्ता है और मै आपको वह रास्ता दिखाना चाहता हूँ।

अगर आप सही रास्ते पर हैं तो आपको IAS / IPS बनने से कोई नहीं रोक सकता।

मेरे डेढ़  घंटे के प्रशिक्षण सत्र में नि:शुल्क भाग लें और पहले प्रयास में IAS/IPS बनें

Attend My One and half Hour Training Session For Free and Become IAS/IPS In First Attempt.

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GS Seminar

अपने IAS बनने के सपने को पूरा करने के लिए रजिस्टर करें (Dream To Be An IAS Topper) Both Hindi and English medium


क्या आपने कभी भी अपने पिता का नाम आसमान में लिख डालने का सपना देखा है?
Have You Ever Dreamt of Writing Your Father’s Name in The Sky?
क्या आपने कभी भी ऐसा सपना देखा है कि आपके पिता आपके नाम से पूरे भारत में जाने जाएँ ?
Do you ever have a dream that Your Father is known in Entire India By Your Name?
क्या आपने कभी भी अपने परिवार के इतिहास को बदल डालने का सपना देखा है?
Have You Ever Dreamt of Changing The History of Your Family?
Then You are at Right Place
तब आप सही जगह पर हैं

“Ajay Sir is an advanced level trainer, A Faculty, An Answer writing specialist and An expert of Behavioral Psychology engaged  in Finding the Best and Easiest way of Cracking civil services Exam for last 22 years.
अजय सर एक उन्नत स्तर के प्रशिक्षक, एक संकाय, एक उत्तर लेखन विशेषज्ञ और व्यवहार मनोविज्ञान के विशेषज्ञ हैं जो पिछले 22 वर्षों से सिविल सेवा परीक्षा को क्रैक करने का सबसे अच्छा और आसान तरीका खोजने में लगे हुए हैं।


“Crack Civil Services Preliminary, Mains & Interview with one  Compressive Strategy”

What You Are Going To Grab in This Seminar

Enhance Your Knowledge

1.Secrets of IAS Toppers which is not known to normal IAS Aspirants
2.How To Create Your Strategy of Becoming IAS Topper In First Attempt.
3.A booklet of Strategy which our Students are Applying In Preliminary 2023.
4.How To Read any material (NCERT, Book or Newspaper) for Maximum output.
5.Why to prepare a note and how to prepare a note
6. Charismatic Answer writing techniques.

7.A Booklet of Charismatic Answer writing tracker to first 50 Students who register this seminar and be on time.
8.How To Handle Test Papers
9.Free Test Series for Preliminary 2021 to first 50 Students who register seminar and be on time
10.Ajay Mishra sir’s Personal Phone number to clear any doubt for one week.
11.A limited time offer and heavy discount on fee to all Aspirants who attend this seminar.

Create Your Attitude

1.Five Things which you should always do  to become IAS Topper in First attempt
2.Four things you should always avoid during your Civil Services Preparation
3. Secrets of Saving Your Time
4. How to Find like minded person and form your mind blowing group.
5.My Secret Strategy “One Choice,One method” Strategy to achieve anything in life including top rank.
6.Four Step Method of Mood Control
7.Tested Techniques of Enhancing your will power.

Read What Selected People Say About Ajay Mishra Sir

Why Ajay Mishra Sir Became ​ for CS Exam


# He has his own experiences of facing the exam and its difficulties.
# He has personally seen the mistakes committed by students during their preparation
# He has personal interviews with Ex.UPSC members and has implemented those recommendation with successful results.
# He has personal links with Professors who have checked copies of civil services mains.The better insight has made him “PITAMAH” of answer writing training.
# To understand better the processes of UPSC,he has continously consulted Ex. Joint secretories of UPSC and understood its subtle aspects.
# He has been part of many Interview boards for Civil services mock interviews sessions 

Register Below (नीचे रजिस्टर करें)
GS Seminar

अपने IAS बनने के सपने को पूरा करने के लिए रजिस्टर करें (Dream To Be An IAS Topper) Both Hindi and English medium


Famous Quotations of


# 4-Point to be kept In Mind if you want to get selection in UPSC- Have Patience, Be Aggressive,Maintain Continuity & Be in right direction”

#  “UPSC is like a tiger.The more you fear,the faster you run.If you stop, no body can save you”.

# If you have to go from Delhi to Mussoori, you have to be on the right road. If by mistake you are driving your car on Delhi to Chandigarh road,you can never reach Mussoori. So Find Your Guide and be in right direction during your preparation.”
# If I say not to make an eye contact with the tiger (UPSC),DO NOT DO that. If you say you can’t control your eyes, then no body can control the tiger too.(Tiger=UPSC).
# Listen to your trainer carefully, Ask the questions and once you are convinced, follow the instructions. Only this can save your attempt.”
# If almost one thousand students are getting final selection every year for many decades, there shall be a process. We must Find that and crack UPSC.
# “You are not going to discover a new star, you are just going to do what hundreds of students are doing every year. So Don’t panic ! just do the right thing.
# If You give importance to anything more than UPSC, then you may get that thing but not UPSC.”
# When your life is at stake,your family’s prestige is at stake,your friends hope is at stake then how can you sleep for 10 hours.”
# If you know that by pressing a single red button,your all the problems will wither away then press it.UPSC is that Button.Press It
# “Do Not Focus On Personality and Achievement of Your Trainer, Focus on His process and examine it. You will find it easier to know a lot about your trainer.”

# Significance of A Trainer During UPSC Preparation

#  A Trainer is already Experienced. He has already seen the path,has committed mistakes and learned it.

# Please Pay attention to the competition in this exam:

LEVEL 1 – You are going to compete with those who have just passed the graduation from Various fields BA, BSC etc.But The more perplexing is when you see studenst from IIT,IIM,CA,MBBS and those came after leaving their 1.5 cr Package
Most of the students are aware of this level of competition but there are many other layers that one has to be aware of. Let’s see
LEVEL 2– You are going to compete with those who have been preparing even for 3-4 years after completing their IIT and IIM degree but have not cleared any stage.
LEVEL 3– You are going to compete with those people who have been writing UPSC mains thrice or fourth time.
Don’t you think a person who has written mains 3 times would be better than a fresher? Now the next level of competition is –
LEVEL 4– You are going to compete with those who have been facing interviews twice & thrice but could not get a rank.
Do you feel the competition has ended.No! Not at all. Now is the top-level competition.
LEVEL 5- You are going to compete with those who are already IPS, IRS, IRTS because they got low rank and now want to increase their rank. O My dear lovely students ! you are going to compete with those who are already selected.

# Can A Fresher Get Top Rank in First Attempt?

Offcourse Yes !

But How????

# A Very Simple example is Kanishak Katariya who became IAS topper in his very first attempt.
But Dont Be Over Confident ! Just Listen.
You Must think even if he was competing with guys better than him,even IPS officers who wanted to increase their ranks,Yet he was able to beat everybody and got the top rank.
Let’s understand this with a hypothetical example-
” Suppose you started your UPSC preparation and you committed some mistake in the first attempt then your one year gone, in second attempt you corrected the last mistake and wrote mains and faced interview but again committed another mistake and had to give next attempt and finally in the third attempt you became IAS……….. Now when you look backwards, you will find that If you had not committed those mistakes you would have qualified in the very first attempt”…….This is not the end of the story dear…. Now again imagine. If your younger brother gets inspiration from you and wants to prepare for this exam and comes to you. My Question is-WILL YOU LET HIM COMMIT THE SAME MISTAKE WHICH YOU COMMITTED ? WILL YOU WISH YOUR BROTHER TO GO ON the SAME PATH AND TAKE THREE YEARS?
I think nobody will wish that.You will make him aware and will not let him commit those mistakes which a normal IAS aspirant does. And If you do not let your brother commit those mistakes, there are chances that he will become topper in the first attempt or not?
Now my dear brother and sister come to Kanishak Katariya. In his family, three selected people are already there.Do you think they will let him commit the same mistake what they did.No My lovely students no.And this is the reason Kanishak Katariya became Topper in the very first attempt.
Your competition is also with such students whose brother or sister is already IAS.
Now My Question is
Is there any such person to guide you? Is there any such person to supervise you?
Here comes the role of experienced trainer.It is not at all necessary that you must have a selected member in your family but it is definitely necessary to be under experienced trainer to save you attempts.Its not at all logical to jump and take your own experience and waste many attempts.
Ajay Mishra sir has understood all these concept deeply and has made his training programme such a way that anybody can crack in his/her first attempt.But the only condition is listen to his words.